Travel report in HR: Ibiza-The Magic Island

Yesterday on HR TV: Ibiza-The Magic Island. If you missed the replay of the 2015 show, you can watch it here via YouTube or directly in the media library of ARD. Although the report by Natascha Rhein from 2015 is still quite topical today. Details of the show: Ibiza, the island of the beautiful and rich, the disco fans-and the remaining Althippies: This is something you can quickly think of at the third largest island in the Balearic Islands. The cliché is actually right, you meet them all there. But Ibiza also has a lot to offer for ordinary holidaymakers: Smaller than Berlin, round round in one day, over fifty dream beaches, evergreen pine forests, wide almond fields and rugged rocky coasts, hotels for all tastes and budgets, paella and sangria fed up. Whether champagne or swimming courses, in Ibiza everyone finds their place. And yet Ibiza is much more than a holiday island in the Mediterranean-Ibiza is a real way of life. Even for the Phoenicians, it was a magical island blessed by the gods, and Nostradamus predicted: Ibiza will be the last refuge on Earth. In the 1960s came the hippies and the artists. They found inspiration and fulfillment in the simple Istrian way of living. Tranquilo, one of the most widely used words, means: Just no stress. Especially during Ibiza's legendary sunsets, the island's magic is palpable to everyone. When the sun falls into the sea, no one can escape the magic of this island: Love, Peace and Happiness. The little island has soul, and once you feel it, you want to come back again or again or stay right there.

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