Today in SAT1: Limitless-Discover the World-IBIZA

Tonight, in SAT1, the travel magazine Limitless ran-The world is discovering a sequence on the subject of Ibiza. Ibiza – the former hippie island is more popular than ever. Munich cabaret artist Sissi Perlinger also spends every summer there. There has been a sworn artist scene here since the 70s. But the island has changed. Ibiza is now a hotspot for the beautiful and rich. If you have the necessary small money, you can get a big yacht here and enjoy the expensive nightlife. But the Balearic island has much more to offer: Limitless-discover the world in Ibiza! Among others, the influencer agency Together Ibiza was presented by Leshea Lewis, originally a bikini designer of her brand Uhlalá Beachwear.

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