The best mobile phone rates for holidaymakers and residents in Ibiza

Admittedly the headline is a little one-sided, because the best mobile phone rates for holidaymakers and residents in Ibiza are of course also valid for the whole of Spain. In researching the Internet so far, we have often found that most items are now long outdated. That is why we want to try to be as up-to-date as possible here. If there should be an update, then it is best to recognize it on the date of this post. If you want to share your own experiences, you can post this in the comments. We have found the best contribution to this topic so far on the website with the motorhome through Spain from 8.1.2019, so still quite current. If you are in Ibiza only for a few days, or In Spain, then of course your own SIM card often is sufficient. But our experience is that despite the roaming charges that have been switched off, the free volume of data on holiday is quickly used up and the Wi-Fi in the hotel usually does not work well or is overloaded. That’s why we had chosen a prepaid card from Masmovil. But the most important thing for the best mobile phone rate in Ibiza or Spain in general is that the corresponding provider has a well-developed network in the desired region. Therefore, you should check the network coverage at nPerf first. Sequel will follow soon! /19.2.2019

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