Made on Ibiza: Robyn – Between The Lines

The Musikexpress writes about her new music video: Robyn has released a new video for her song “Between The Lines”. The summery clip was produced by Cody Critcheloe (aka SSION), who filmed the singer in Ibiza while exploring the island and ensured with his final result for neat wanderlust. In the video Robyn and her vacation companions are frolicking in the pool, fencing with baguettes on the and they are dancing on the beach.
In terms of content and style the video is reminiscent of self-made vacation photos – and indeed it was exactly what Critcheloe had in mind during the shoot. “This video has allowed me to deal playfully with the extremes that exist in Ibiza … The aggressive tastelessness of the holiday culture that claps like a slap on the peaceful beach vibes … It reminded me of the time when I first started with my Mini-DV camera to experiment – no hypocrisy, DIY, run-and-gun … just be in the moment”, says Critcheloe.
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