New Marco Polo travel guide: Ibiza and Formentera

Right at the start, author Marcel Brunnthaler reveals his insider tips for Ibiza and Formentera: From yoga by the sea to dinner in an old repurposed church. Which places you can discover for free, where you experience what is typical Ibiza, what you can do well in the rain and where you can just sit back and relax, is clearly put together on a few pages and marked in colour. Of all the new things to experience and discover in Ibiza, the chapter on trend summarizes the most exciting possibilities, such as the water taxi, which allows you to drive from beach to beach or an open-air art fair. All the background information about Ibiza and its people can be found in the chapter Facts, People & News, clearly sorted from A to Z. Where is the best food & drink, where and what can you shop well, what Ibiza offers for enthusiastic athletes and where is best with Ki On the way, all this is answered in individual chapters. The different regions of Ibiza as well as the island of Formentera are presented in their own chapters, each with the categories attractions, food & drink, shopping, leisure & sports, evening, overnight, information and destinations in the area. The respective highlights are marked with stars. If you want to do one of the experiences, you can download the route with the tour app to your mobile phone and get informed about current events with the update service, so as not to miss anything. What you don't like when you stay in Ibiza! Summing up the last page of the guide. 17th. Updated 2018 edition 144 pages, With removable folding card and 6 extra pages travel atlas Price: € (D) 12.99/€ (A) 13.99/CHF (CH) 18.90 ISBN: 978-3-8297-27722-3 Also available as an e-book in all versions at the publisher, Apple or Amazon from 8.99 EUR. E-books are especially convenient for on the go and save weight in luggage! Learn more about the travel guide, authors, table of contents, and customer reviews at Amazon.

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