Flea market in Sant Jordi in Ibiza

The year-round flea market in the Hippodrome in Sant Jordi has been held every Saturday since 1995. Just a few kilometres from Ibiza Town, everyone can shop and sell here from 9am-3pm. Since it is a real, real flea market, where we trade and much used and homemade is offered (new, of course), you can also get sufficient loot here with a slightly narrower purse. The market is quite simple and that is what makes it all. There is a colourful hustle and bustle. The islanders meet, tourists mingle under and there are plenty of Germans cavorting among both the vendors and the visitors. Here we chilled, celebrated, drummed, culinary simplicity is enjoyed and more. Parking on the large enough terrain in front of the Hippodrome is free. Nothing like going on your next Saturday in Ibiza. Mercadillo Sant Jordi Ibiza

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