Flights from Germany to Ibiza in winter

Flying from Germany to Ibiza in the winter months is complicated, because from 31. On 1 October, almost all direct flights from German airports to Ibiza end. Germania flies weekly from Nuremberg to Ibiza in winter, but for a passenger from Berlin or Hamburg the road to Nuremberg is too far. Guests from Cologne or Düsseldorf will find many direct flights in the winter of Amsterdam or Eindhoven. The Condor, in cooperation with Air Europa, now flies from Frankfurt to Ibiza almost daily via Mallorca in winter 2018. And even at very attractive prices (see above). You can choose between two stays in Mallorca. During a longer stay you can make a detour to Palma or simply discover the island of Mallorca a little. We tested it ourselves at the beginning of December 2018 and were very pleased. The baggage only has to be checked in once and will be passed through to the next flight.

Magnificent views over Ibiza

Ibiza View

This staircase has it all: Both the wide sublime view over Ibiza, the harbour, the castle to the airport and Formentera is breathtaking, as well as the staircase itself. The building is located in the mountains opposite Ibiza's football stadium "Estadi can Misses" and stands out from afar. It is supposedly the private construction of a millionaire, but the staircase is open to the public. You can climb enough steps here (approx. 170). Whether you start with relegation or ascent is up to everyone. Park
ing is above the staircase in the Carrer sa Noguera or below the staircase in the Carrer Arabi.

Address, directions, reviews and other photos: Read more

Hippy Market in Sant Joan de Labritja

Hippy Market Sant Joan de Labritja IbizaEvery Sunday, Sant Joan de Labritja hosts a hippy market right in the centre of the village. Here you will find mainly dishes made in Ibiza, environmentally friendly toiletries and high-quality gift items, as well as lots of clothes, often in hippie-style. From approx. There is live music at 12 noon (once Mass in the church opposite). Locals and holidaymakers love this market with its special atmosphere. From 3pm, the first ones start dismantling their stalls so slowly. Photos and videos can be found at Flickr in the album Hippy Market in Sant Joan de Labritja. Of course, you can also visit the small village on other days of the week and discover a lot. For this we created an extra album at Flickr: Sant Joan de Labritja. Sant Joan de LabritjaAddress, directions, reviews and other photos: Read more

Flea market in Sant Jordi in Ibiza

The year-round flea market in the Hippodrome in Sant Jordi has been held every Saturday since 1995. Just a few kilometres from Ibiza Town, everyone can shop and sell here from 9am-3pm. Since it is a real, real flea market, where we trade and much used and homemade is offered (new, of course), you can also get sufficient loot here with a slightly narrower purse. The market is quite simple and that is what makes it all. There is a colourful hustle and bustle. The islanders meet, tourists mingle under and there are plenty of Germans cavorting among both the vendors and the visitors. Here we chilled, celebrated, drummed, culinary simplicity is enjoyed and more. Parking on the large enough terrain in front of the Hippodrome is free. Nothing like going on your next Saturday in Ibiza. Mercadillo Sant Jordi Ibiza

Today in SAT1: Limitless-Discover the World-IBIZA

Tonight, in SAT1, the travel magazine Limitless ran-The world is discovering a sequence on the subject of Ibiza. Ibiza – the former hippie island is more popular than ever. Munich cabaret artist Sissi Perlinger also spends every summer there. There has been a sworn artist scene here since the 70s. But the island has changed. Ibiza is now a hotspot for the beautiful and rich. If you have the necessary small money, you can get a big yacht here and enjoy the expensive nightlife. But the Balearic island has much more to offer: Limitless-discover the world in Ibiza! Among others, the influencer agency Together Ibiza was presented by Leshea Lewis, originally a bikini designer of her brand Uhlalá Beachwear.

Ibiza Dashcam Videos

Ibiza dashcamFrom time to time we will show you some Ibiza videos from our dashcam. Of course, we first and foremost pay attention to data protection and, for example, make an effort. Don't capture car registration plates or people from the front. More Ibiza dashcam videos can be found in our archive at Flickr. The music in the background usually comes from Ibiza Global Radio, which runs constantly with us during the car journeys in Ibiza.

Dreamlike boat tour to Es Vedrà and around

Boat TripThis extraordinary Es Vedrà Boat Trip a few days ago was stunning. The 3-hour drive starts in Ibiza, runs around the coast of the pristine landscapes of the south and through the glass floor of the boat we could see the seabed and a few fish. Along the way, we anchored for 20 minutes for a swim in crystal clear water. Then we continued all around the magical rock island of Es Vedrà. On the sun deck "Donna" kept us happy, she gave information about the coastal sections, the salt flats, Cala Jondal, Es Cubells, Cala D * Hort, etc. And there was a little dancing, singing and laughing. More information about this and now 6 more boat tours of Ulises Cat:

Video of the week from Ibiza Spotlight: Cala Conta Beach

The video is already two years old, but the beach of Cala Conta (Platges de Comte) is more up-to-date than ever. But it is also a good opportunity to present the pages of Ibiza Spotlight. After publishing print media in Ibiza for 24 years, Ibiza Spotlight went online back in 1999. Since then, the really very good online portal has achieved a kind of cult status in terms of information and service around the topic of Ibiza. The travel guide aspect remains at the heart of it, but they are also the leading ticket seller for Ibiza's club parties. Most pages are in English and Spanish. Other sites can be found in German and Italian.