“Los Fameliars” at Passeig de s’Alamera in Santa Eulària

Los fameliars in Santa Eulària

In Santa Eulària des Riu at Passeig de s’Alamera you can already see the mythical creature sitting in the fountain: the “fameliar”, a kind of ugly elf with a very big mouth, because it likes to eat a lot. At the upper part of the square, opposite the well-known and well-visited Restaurante Royalty, a small exhibition in the bombshelter built in 1937 is dedicated to the “fameliars”. Directly from the Passeig it goes down a few steps. The exhibition is open mondays to fridays from 9am to 1pm. If you are here anyway, you should make a short visit. The Passeig de s’Alamera is a great place with palm trees, benches, cafes and restaurants directly at the sea … very nice!

The legend of the “fameliars”
It is reported of small, unsightly beings who carry out quickly and accurately any work that is assigned to them. But as soon as they run out of work, they get bored and demand: work or food! So if you do not want the fameliar to eat your pantry empty, rather give him lenghthy or totally impossible tasks. The legend continues … read about in the exhibition and in several languages.
Keep your eyes open for the fameliars in Ibiza, because every one you find will bring you luck!
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Made on Ibiza: Robyn – Between The Lines

The Musikexpress writes about her new music video: Robyn has released a new video for her song “Between The Lines”. The summery clip was produced by Cody Critcheloe (aka SSION), who filmed the singer in Ibiza while exploring the island and ensured with his final result for neat wanderlust. In the video Robyn and her vacation companions are frolicking in the pool, fencing with baguettes on the and they are dancing on the beach.
In terms of content and style the video is reminiscent of self-made vacation photos – and indeed it was exactly what Critcheloe had in mind during the shoot. “This video has allowed me to deal playfully with the extremes that exist in Ibiza … The aggressive tastelessness of the holiday culture that claps like a slap on the peaceful beach vibes … It reminded me of the time when I first started with my Mini-DV camera to experiment – no hypocrisy, DIY, run-and-gun … just be in the moment”, says Critcheloe.
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Moving or transporting to Ibiza with CARGOTIGER from Berlin

If you want to emigrate or move to Ibiza, you are certainly looking for a good freight forwarder, if you don’t want to “go down” with a transporter yourself via Barcelona, Denia or Valencia. Or you just want to have some bulky things transported to Ibiza. We had the “problem” and wanted to ship our bikes from Darmstadt to Ibiza. DHL, DPD, UPS, Hermes, etc. These services also offer, but the wheels must be packaged accordingly. Via the Facebook group Ibiza Deutsche Residenten Allerlei we found the address of CARGOTIGER from Berlin. Berlin? Berlin if we want to transport something from Darmstadt to Ibiza? Yes, because CARGOTIGER provides everything suitable on the way from Berlin to Ibiza, whether from Leipzig, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Munich or anywhere else. Even a transport to Mallorca is possible. For cheap 125 euros we have had our two mountain bikes delivered to Ibiza. Why CARGOTIGER? More than 1500 positive reviews at MyHammer (member since: 10/2009) confirm that this company is a good choice. Of course, the CARGOTIGER team also offers the removals and transports in the other direction, for example from Ibiza to Berlin or all on this route.

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Ibiza in winter 2019

Platja d 'en Bossa febrero 2019
Ibiza is beautiful in winter. The sky mostly blue, the temperature about 17 degrees average and with a little wind it´s warm even without a jacket. Yesterday we were at Platja d’en Bossa. Some people lay in the sand and a few Dutchmen ventured into the water wearing neoprene suits and swam from the Nassau Beach Club to the end of the beach to the Torre de Sa Sal Rossa. Of course we shot some photos with the iPhone, wich you can see in our photo gallery at Flickr.

The best mobile phone rates for holidaymakers and residents in Ibiza

Admittedly the headline is a little one-sided, because the best mobile phone rates for holidaymakers and residents in Ibiza are of course also valid for the whole of Spain. In researching the Internet so far, we have often found that most items are now long outdated. That is why we want to try to be as up-to-date as possible here. If there should be an update, then it is best to recognize it on the date of this post. If you want to share your own experiences, you can post this in the comments. We have found the best contribution to this topic so far on the website with the motorhome through Spain from 8.1.2019, so still quite current. If you are in Ibiza only for a few days, or In Spain, then of course your own SIM card often is sufficient. But our experience is that despite the roaming charges that have been switched off, the free volume of data on holiday is quickly used up and the Wi-Fi in the hotel usually does not work well or is overloaded. That’s why we had chosen a prepaid card from Masmovil. But the most important thing for the best mobile phone rate in Ibiza or Spain in general is that the corresponding provider has a well-developed network in the desired region. Therefore, you should check the network coverage at nPerf first. Sequel will follow soon! /19.2.2019

Flights from Germany to Ibiza in winter

Flying from Germany to Ibiza in the winter months is complicated, because from 31. On 1 October, almost all direct flights from German airports to Ibiza end. Germania flies weekly from Nuremberg to Ibiza in winter, but for a passenger from Berlin or Hamburg the road to Nuremberg is too far. Guests from Cologne or Düsseldorf will find many direct flights in the winter of Amsterdam or Eindhoven. The Condor, in cooperation with Air Europa, now flies from Frankfurt to Ibiza almost daily via Mallorca in winter 2018. And even at very attractive prices (see above). You can choose between two stays in Mallorca. During a longer stay you can make a detour to Palma or simply discover the island of Mallorca a little. We tested it ourselves at the beginning of December 2018 and were very pleased. The baggage only has to be checked in once and will be passed through to the next flight.

Magnificent views over Ibiza

Ibiza View

This staircase has it all: Both the wide sublime view over Ibiza, the harbour, the castle to the airport and Formentera is breathtaking, as well as the staircase itself. The building is located in the mountains opposite Ibiza's football stadium "Estadi can Misses" and stands out from afar. It is supposedly the private construction of a millionaire, but the staircase is open to the public. You can climb enough steps here (approx. 170). Whether you start with relegation or ascent is up to everyone. Park
ing is above the staircase in the Carrer sa Noguera or below the staircase in the Carrer Arabi.

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